Shake Shack

“New curbside pickups include effective signage, crowd management to keep customers away from employees, and company-issued PPE; company returned PPP funds.”

Mariposa Food Co-op

This safer grocery store option for shoppers and workers in West Philadelphia comes highly recommended by residents.


458 stores outside of mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong have been closed since mid-March, with all employees still being paid their full salaries. Contractors are included.

MOM’s Organic Market

Store managers are now allowed to set in-store customer limits but will they after the CEO’s response to employee concerns?

Target (and Shipt)

Target’s Shipt app’s delivery workers have requested a boycott Friday, April 10. They want paid leave, hazard pay, and protective gear. Absolutely reasonable demands.


Laid off thousands of part-time workers via conference calls, with severance based on previously cut hours. Don’t forget to use your discounts before you go, cast members*!


No paid sick leave unless workers test positive for COVID-19 or are asked to self-quarantine. Unpaid leave is allowed — what a gift from the WEALTHIEST MAN ON EARTH.

Best Buy

Unclear from 3/22 updates whether employees are now getting more than two weeks pay or still have to borrow against future PTO.

Whole Foods Market

Only two weeks of paid leave if you are diagnosed … and presumably are able to get tested somehow? They’re asking employees to donate sick time to each other.