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Store managers are now allowed to set in-store customer limits but will they after the CEO’s response to employee concerns?

Do you fuck with them?


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Monday, April 6

On Monday, April 6, employees protested at the Center City Philadelphia location and delivered a list of demands to management

  • a midday break to restock and clean,
  • limiting the number of people in the store at a time,
  • closing early to allow employees to get home safely without taking public transit,
  • and instituting one hour a day when only the elderly and immunocompromised can shop

Here’s the MOM’s COVID-19 Response of which the company’s chief brand officer has written, “We believe that MOM’s has responded to the pandemic more actively and decisively than the vast majority of other grocers.” Employees have said it was late and doesn’t go far enough.

Prime examples of that from their response:

General Managers and Assistant General Managers have the authority to shut off customer flow to the store whenever a store becomes too crowded.

Employees have been green-lighted to walk away from crowded areas on the store floor anytime they feel like social distancing is not possible

However, in a March 25th email from the CEO to employees, Scott Nash said he feared limiting the number of customers in the store at a time would “increase anxiety levels and potentially trigger more panic buying.” The WHYY article did not state whether or where Nash received his psychiatry degree.

When employees began replying-all to an HR email send March 20th—in which it was announced they would offer two weeks paid leave for anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, unlimited unpaid sick leave, and one week paid leave for anyone over 60 uncomfortable with coming to work—with questions about flow limits and leave for the immunocompromised on staff, he replied, “It is inappropriate for you and others to be blasting all employees with your opinions and anxieties.”

Sounds like a boss who will surely be chill with store managers using that authority to set customer limits! What could possibly go wrong?

Source: WHYY article Don’t call them ‘heroes’: Philly grocery store workers allege unsafe conditions

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